The Training Academy is available Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5pm.  Please contact the Training Academy for more information for to make a appointment.


First Response Training Academy, LLC 

3600 Route 66; Suite 150

Neptune, NJ  07753


Training Academy Student Registration forms must be submitted two weeks prior to the start of all classes. Please see that all information on the application form is complete, legible, and signed appropriately. Incomplete registration forms may be rejected.


Students will receive an invoice for the course fees after student registration forms are received. Costs for each Course can be found in the Course description section. Course completion certificates will not be issued until all course fees are received.


The Academy Director will make confirmations within one week of the class start date. Applicants not receiving confirmations should contact the Training Academy.


Cancellations for any reason may occur up to 24 hours prior to the start of class. Organizations not meeting the cancellation criteria will be held responsible for cost of the course. 


One hundred percent (100%) attendance is mandatory for all Training Academy courses. Students are responsible for notifying the Academy Director of an absence prior to the start of class. Instructors will maintain attendance for all enrolled students. Students are required to attend all lessons before they are evaluated or issued a certificate of completion.   

Tardiness without a valid excuse may result in dismissal from the class and student will be dropped from the class and required to re-apply for the entire class at a later date and not be given a refund.